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Parcours de motoneige en Mauricie

Route #2 – 3 days

Route #2 – 3 days


3 days route

Maximum circuit of 3 days

Departure from Grand-Mere around 9:00
1st Dinner at Matawin at Marineau
1st Supper and sleep at St Michel des Saints
At the Auberge du Lac Taureau or at the Centrale
About 240 km traveled

2nd day Lunch before your departure included
2nd day Dinner at St Zénon at the Cabanon Inn
2nd day Dinner and Sunset in St-Alexis des Monts
At the Sacacomie hotel or the Lac Blanc outfitter
About 190 km traveled

3rd day Lunch before your departure
Day 3 Dinner at the Trapper’s Inn for an excellent game meal out of the ordinary, if you wish.
3rd day en route for your last day of adventure and return to your starting point.
Approximately 195 km traveled through the dam Gabelle

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