Know Before Your Snowmobile Trek at Maximum Adventure

In order to fully enjoy your snowmobile ride, it is essential to be well prepared. Here is some useful information and practical tips offered by Maximum Adventure.


The temperature during the winter varies between 0° C and -30° C. The average minimum temperature recorded during the January months of the last thirty years in Quebec City is -16° C.

The Mauricie receives an average of 340 centimeters of snow annually, which is the delight of the 127,555 snowmobilers who came from all over the world to enjoy the Quebec trails.

In winter, the cold may be intense, but it is usually dry and very tolerable. Your equipment is designed for temperatures well below 0. In addition, your snowmobile is equipped with heated grips and thumbs. In addition, the physical activity required for snowmobiling also helps to keep you warm, and during scheduled breaks throughout the circuits, we allow you to take a hot drink regularly. So, the cold is not a problem!

It is also good to provide a protective cream for the face and lips; it will protect you from the cold.


To fully enjoy your snowmobile tour, you must be well warm. That’s why Maximum Adventure will provide you with any snowmobile package:

  • Two-piece suit very warm, flexible and comfortable.
    Gloves or mittens of snowmobilers.
    Boots with felt booties specific for snowmobiling.
    Helmet with folding visor.

Even if the clothing provided by Maximum Adventure is enough for the majority of you, Maximum Aventure advises to take into consideration the following elements:

  • Wear warm underpants with sleeves and long legs made of fleece or microfiber.
    Wear warm sweaters, if possible with turtleneck.
    Avoid scarves.
    Wool socks.
    You are advised not to wear jeans under your suit. Cotton or fleece pants are recommended.
    If your snowmobile raid includes accommodation, provide a sports and waterproof bag to carry your
    personal effects.

Here are the rules to follow:

  • Suggested maximum bag dimensions: Width: 30 cm X Length: 60 cm.
    One person on the snowmobile: only 1 bag will be allowed.
    Two people per snowmobile: 1 bag 60 cm wide will be allowed or 2 sacks
    Have a Visa or MasterCard. This is the most common payment method and can be used
    virtually everywhere. In addition, it will be useful for the deposit of the franchise in case of damage.
    However, we advise you to take some cash (Canadian dollars) to pay your bills.
    drinks in the relays.
    On very cold days, we advise you to hold your camera and camera close to you.

Do not bring during your expedition:

  • Passport.
    Air tickets.
    Any type of voucher for your stay.
    Personal items of great value.


The electric current in Quebec is 110 volts / 60 HZ AC. Provide an adapter for American type flat plugs.

In restaurants and bars, it is customary to leave 14% of the amount of the bill as a tip. However, for all meals included in a package, tips on meals are already included. It is customary to tip your snowmobile guide at the end of your stay.