All our programs are sold without insurance, with the exception of Third Party Liability Insurance, which is systematically included. We strongly recommend the purchase of insurance (hospitalization, repatriation, …) for all other risks related to this kind of trip.

Maximum Adventure holds a liability insurance of $ 2,000,000 CAD. Also, each of the recreational vehicles used during the hikes is also equipped with a civil liability insurance of $ 500,000 CAD.


When a tour is in progress and the participant decides to stop his journey, this decision is incumbent upon him and at no time will a refund be effective. As such, no “cancellation” refund is in effect. In addition, note that charges will be charged to the person for his repatriation and that of the vehicle. The hourly rate is $ 60.00 / hour + CAD taxes. Subsequent fees (accommodation – meals – activities) to the interruption of the participant’s stay will also be his responsibility.


All mechanical breakdowns are covered by insurance. Thus, no vehicle repatriation fee will be charged to the participant. A new vehicle will be delivered to him as soon as possible and a new lease.


If an incident occurs and the damaged vehicle is to be repatriated, fees will be charged to the offending participant. The hourly rate is $ 60.00 / hour + CAD taxes. The participant may request a new vehicle. This will have a new accountability franchise.


If an incident occurs and the rented clothing (suit – boots – mittens – helmet – visor – etc.) is damaged, the participant is responsible for the breakages and will have to reimburse the company the amount of the repair or the value of the loss of the item according to a charter available at the rental center.


The personal belongings and baggage of the participants brought during a raid are by no means assured. It’s up to their personal guard to properly protect their belongings and baggage. Personal insurance on the part of participants regarding loss, theft, vandalism is advisable.