The places available for certain dates being limited, your reservation must reach us as soon as possible. Any reservation becomes effective only upon receipt of a credit card number for you or your group. A deposit of $ 1000 per vehicle is required when renting.

Payment (global) must be made (complete) when presenting your invoice the day of your arrival.

Registration for any of our activities implies immediate acceptance of our general terms and conditions of sale.

Before your departure with the vehicle, we proceed to the signing of the rental agreement and the deposit, the taking possession of the clothes, the operation and the inspection of the vehicle.


Unless otherwise requested, any cancellation, modification or postponement request from the client will be considered as a cancellation of the package and will incur the cancellation fees provided below.


Prices quoted may be subject to change in the event of an increase in local taxes, gas prices or other imponderable factors. For guide services and activities, the prices mentioned are calculated for a group of 6 to 8 people. For accommodation, the prices quoted are for double occupancy. Maximum Adventure reserves the right to increase these prices in the case of a group of less than 6 people or for any single occupation for accommodation.

If, because of airline schedules, the first and last day were shortened by a late arrival or early departure, no refund could be made.


A deposit of $1000 per vehicle is required when taking possession of the rental.


In case of cancellation on your part, the following sums would be acquired:


  • Cancellation the day before: 100% of fees
  • In case of bad weather, cancellation or postponement of your reservation will be made without charge.


The rental of your vehicle begins when you leave on the trails. It ends when you return to the rental center. You are responsible for your arrival time including the time of preparation and return of rental. If you fail to arrive for your departure within the prescribed hours, your rental may be delayed, transferred and even canceled …

Any expiration of the rental period that is not respected imposes a late payment penalty: $25.00 CAD + taxes for every 20 minutes …

If, we were to bring assistance after an incident (mechanical breakage and trouble are excluded), or because the customer went astray or for any other damage, and that involves moving our share, additional charges will be charged to the client at a rate of CAD $ 60.00 per hour of travel and $ 1.25 / km.


Maximum Adventure reserves the right to modify the itinerary, depending on the weather conditions or the state of the trails. In case of deteriorating weather conditions, Maximum Adventure reserves the right to make the necessary decisions to ensure the safety of the group.

The destinations indicated in the various schedules can be modified. The chronological order of programming for the days shown may change. The programming is established during your reservation, according to the availabilities in progress.

In addition, depending on the state of mind of the group or according to its pace of progression.


  • Snowmobile 600cc (2 strokes): CAD $ 2500.00 deductible + taxes
  • Snowmobile 850cc (2 strokes): CAD $ 3500.00 deductible + taxes
  • 900cc Turbo Snowmobile (4 Stroke): CAD $ 3500.00 + Taxes
  • 1200cc snowmobile (4 strokes): CAD $ 2500.00 deductible + taxes
  • Quads 570cc: Franchise of CAD$ 2500.00 + taxes
  • Coast-to-Coast (side by side) 800cc: CAD $ 2500.00 deductible + taxes
  • Side-by-Side 900cc and over: CAD $ 3500.00 deductible + taxes
  • Boat (Sea-doo): Deductible of CAD $ 3500.00 + taxes
  • Watercraft (Sea-doo): Deductible of CAD $ 2500.00 + taxes
  • Motorcycle: CAD $ 2500.00 deductible + taxes
  • Spyder: CAD $ 1500.00 deductible + taxes


This deductible is given on the spot in the form of a credit card imprint (Visa or Mastercard) or Canadian money and will be returned to you on return, except in the case of a responsible accident with total loss of the vehicle, this deductible represents the maximum amount that you are responsible, in case of material damage of the vehicle and / or equipment belonging to Maximum Adventure. If there is damage, the amount of the repair will be deducted from the total sum before refund.

The limitation of the deductible includes fire, theft and vandalism that can be done to the vehicle.